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The Combatives Training Gear Pad regular is finally available after three years of development.

The special thing about this pad is that it is not curved inwards, like most pads in martial arts, but is slightly curved outwards.

This makes it possible to practice palm thrusts without overstretching the hand. But training knee kicks, elbow kicks, etc. also feel much more realistic, as almost every target on the human body is curved outwards.

In addition, you can wear this handpad in reverse, which offers completely new training possibilities to train close to the body of the training partner.

Take a look at our videos to convince yourself of the special functions of the CTG pads.

So don't hesitate and take your self-defense training to a new level.

You receive: 1 pair of the CTG Pads regular

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In this Video shows us Bea and Lee Morrison (Urban Combatives) how the Combatives Trainings Gear Pads regular works in a Combatives Women Class: