CTG Boxing Gloves | Real Lether | 2. Generation

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The CTG boxing gloves are designed for martial arts, self-defense, Krav Maga, and Combatives training.

Everyone knows it when you suddenly have to do a drill with boxing gloves in self-defense training, but nobody has bandaged their hands.

In regular training without gloves, the bandages interfere and during training you cannot put them on quickly enough.

So we thought we'd bring boxing gloves onto the market that have double wrist protection so that you can put them on quickly during training and still have your wrist well protected.

If you want to wear the gloves with bandages, then this is not a problem, then your wrists are even safer.

The gloves also have a mash system, which means they are better ventilated and dry faster after training.

The surface of the boxing gloves consists of matt, slightly roughened, hard-wearing leather.

The wearing comfort is also simply great, all of our testers, including professional boxers, are enthusiastic about the gloves.

So get your pair of CTG boxing gloves now.

You receive: 1 pair of the CTG Boxinggloves 

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