Combatives Training Gear Camp (engl.)

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After a long planning, the time has finally come.

The view from the balcony of the beach
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The first Combatives Training Gear Camp 2020 will take place from September 19, 2020 to September 26, 2020 in Greece in Satri.

You have the opportunity to be trained on the beach with people from all over the world by the following instructors for a week under the Greek sun:

Lee Morrison (Urban Combatives)
Jim Armstrong (RAW Combatives)
Patrick Ressler (Senshido International)
Sharir Richman (ICCS Krav Maga International) (is from 21.09. until 25.09.2020 there)
Haroon D. (Libre Fighting Headcoach for Europe / Piper Blade Combatives Master Guardian für Europa) (is there from 19.09.2020 to 21.09.2020)

The camp takes place in Greece in Satri at the Frosch Sportclub Salti. This means you can live and train together in a hotel for a week with the best trainers in the world.

Since there are also additional offers in the form of mountain biking, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding or yoga in the sports hotel of Froschreisen, it is advisable to take your partner with you. While you can deal with your favorite topic all day, your partner can enjoy their vacation at the same time.

The Early Bird Price for the complete Week include Hotel (Doubleroom) and the Flight from Germany starts at 1418 Euro. If you don’t come from Germany, then starts your price for the Camp and the Hotel (Doubleroom) at 1168 Euro (you have to book your flight yourself). The early birds prices ends at the 31. May 2020.

You book the hotel with Frosch Sportreisen GmbH and you book the camp with us.

Click on the picture “All information about the hotel” to get further information about the hotel or click on the picture “All information about the CTG Camp” to get more information about the camp.